About Bhilai

Known famously as "Steel City of Central India" Bhilai is home to famous Bhilai Steel Plant which is one of the profit making unit of Steel Authority of India Limited. The city is also called ‘Industrial Cubo’ due to the presence of numerous industries in and around the region. It is also known for its great culture, an eclectic mix of people from different nooks and corners of India. Famous for its lush green atmosphere and a chain of temples, historical relics and structures as well as traditional hubs, it is a major travel destination in central India. The rapidly developing industrial, educational and commercial hub, Bhilai has won the Prime Minister's Trophy ten times for being the second best planned township in India. The simple city thus has ample to offer to its visitors and also to the locals.

Brief History of Bhilai

About BhilaiBhilai is one of the most industrialized regions of Chhattisgarh. The region of Bhilai was once part of Maratha Kingdom from which it passed into the hands of Britishers who maintained their firm grip from 1853 till India got its independence. Later with the help of Russian Government, the second Steel plant- Bhilai Steel Plant was established in Bhilai.This transformed the isolated unknown cluster of remote villages into a popular and important city in Chhattisgarh. Consequently, Bhilai now enjoys the status of being one of the most organised and fastest growing cities of the world. For More Click Here

Geography and Climate of Bhilai

Bhilai, also called as Bhilai Nagar is a major industrial city in the state of Chhattisgarh. It is a populous city located between 21° north and 81° east and is at a distance of about twenty two kilometres from Raipur, the capital city of Chhattisgarh. Bhilai is a planned city, systematically divided into sectors with low-density with mostly single-storied housing. Bhilai experiences hot and exhausting summers from March to May with temperatures soaring as high as 23°C to 40°C and from June to August, it experiences moderate rainfall. Winters last from October to February with temperatures ranging from 10°C to 25°C. This is one of the best seasons to visit Bhilai, as the season is cold, pleasant and ideal for sight- seeing. For More Click Here

Places of Interest In and Around Bhilai

Bhilai is renowned for its scenic beauty and lush green environment. There are a wide variety of tourist attractions in and around Bhilai for the visitors to explore. These include mesmerizing scenic spots, religious places, as well as places for entertainment and excursion. Dhandha, Ganga Maiyya Temple, Uwasaggharam Parshwa Teerth, Civic Center, Kala Mandir, Kali Bari, Tandula Dam, Bhilai Steel Plant, Maitri Bagh are some of the most popular tourist attractions.

Informations on Bhilai

Nagpura, Siyadevi, Hajra Falls, Kharkhara, Balod are some of the famous places near Bhilai that are thronged with tourists from far and wide. This plethora of places, coupled with the fact that Bhilai is well connected to almost all major Indian cities has made it a hotspot among the visitors. For More Click Here

Art and Culture in Bhilai

Bhilai’s rich culture is a reflection of its linguistic and cultural unity and its diverse population. The people of Bhilai are known for their simplicity and hospitality. It has a mixed and a cosmopolitan culture, mainly due to the influx of people from various parts of the country. Hinduism is the main religion others being Islam, Christianity and Buddhism. Thus religious harmony and unity in diversity can be observed here.

Valuable informations on Bhilai

Chhattisgarhi and Hindi are the widely spoken languages among the locals. Men wear shirts and trousers, while women prefer sarees or salwar kameezes. During religious ceremonies, people here wear bright – colored traditional costumes and adorn themselves with jewellery. The colorful and unique crafts made from bamboos, jute, clay wood and Dhokra wax art, made by the tribals are popular among the tourists. For More Click Here

Festivals Celebrated in Bhilai

Festivals and fairs form important part of the Bhilai city life. There are a variety of festivals celebrated in Bhilai with delight and religious fervor. Apart from Holy, Diwali and Dussehra numerous regional festivals too forms part of the eclectic culture of Bhilai. Hareli festival, Makar Sankranthi are two other important festivals of the region.

Economy and Industrialism in Bhilai

Industrialism in Bhilai

Bhilai Steel Plant is a major employment generator in Bhilai. It is the only manufacturer of rails in the country used by Indian Railways. Bhilai Steel Plant, a unit of SAIL, specializes in manufacture of bars, beams, structural, wide rods, long rails, plates, channels, billets, rebars , sleepers, slabs etc. The city is also home to number of popular industries including Bhilai Refractories Plant (BRP), Associated Cement Company (ACC), The Borai Industrial Growth Centre etc. The last few decades have witnessed setting up of numerous chemicals and fertilizers units in and around the steel city of Bhilai. For More Click Here

Shopping in Bhilai

Being an important industrial area Bhilai is known for some good market areas that offer a variety of options for shopping to the locals as well as tourists. Civic Center also called the Indira Place is one of the most favorable shopping destinations among the locals. It is a hub social activities, entertainment and shopping. It also houses many shopping complexes like Akash Ganga, Chauhan Complex, Sector-6, Sector-10, Gangotri etc.

Market places in Bhilai

In addition to a number of modern items, these market places offer a variety of handicraft items. Bhilai also has a number of shopping malls like the Surya Treasure Island Mall, Jain Plaza that offer a variety of options for the tourists to explore. 

Transportation in Bhilai

Bhilai, located on the National Highway 6 is well–connected to major Indian cities by rail, road and air. The nearest airport is the international airport at Raipur, about 45 minutes drive from Bhilai. It is well connected to major Indian cities. The nearest important railway station is Durg Railway Station, roughly half an hour drive from the city. It has daily trains to major places like Bhopal, Durg, Ahmedabad, Bilaspur, Howrah, Nagpur, Puri, Shalimar and Vishakhapatnam etc.

Transportation in Bhilai

Bhilai has a well organized network of roads connecting it to a number of destinations like Raipur, Gondia, Bilaspur, Nagpur, Tumsar, Sambalpur etc. Also Chhattisgarh State Road Transportation Corporation ( CSRTC) and other private travel services run buses from major cities to Bhilai. A number of private vehicles like cars, bikes, mopeds can be seen on the roads. Autos are a major means of local transport within the city. Shared diesel run three-wheelers called tempos in local parlance ply on specific routes in the city and serve as a means of reliable and convenient local public transport. For More Click Here

Bhilai at a glance

Country: India
State: Chhattisgarh
District: Durg
Famous for: Industries, Scenic beauty, Religious places, picnic spots
Languages: Chhattisgarhi and Hindi
Weather: Tropical type climate, hot in summers, cool in winters
Altitude: 293 m
Pin code: 490001
STD code: 0788
Major Tourist attractions: Dhamdha, Ganga Maiyya Temple, Uwasaggharam Parshwa Teerth, Civic Center, Kala Mandir, Kali Bari, Tandula Dam, Bhilai Steel Plant, Maitri Bagh,Nagp ura, Siyadevi, Hajra Falls, Kharkhara, Balod etc.
Major Festivals: Hareli, Makar Sankranthi, Diwali, Dussehra, Durga Puja, Ganesh Chaturthi, Ugadi, Pongal, Eid, Baisakhi, Guru Nanak Devji’s Guruparab etc.

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